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11-7-11 Charlie Winburn: No Time to Waste! Charlie's newest television hits the airwaves! Councilman Charlie Winburn is working hard to rebuild the economy in Cincinnati. We need new high-tech, manufacturing and professional jobs and training, and Charlie Winburn's bold, 14-point plan shows the road forward. It's no wonder the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber gave Charlie it's top ratings. Vote Winburn on Tuesday, November 8, 2011! Watch the commercial here and on your local television station.

10-21-11 Councilman Winburn explains his leadership on the Dalton Avenue Post Office closing. In a guest editorial to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Charlie Winburn outlined his sound leadership agenda to address the potential closing of the Dalton Avenue Post Office. His 7-step plan shows a rational, systematic order of priorities to address this serious issue facing our community. Read Charlie's guest editorial for the Cincinnati Enquirer.

10-13-11 Absentee ballot applications are available. If you are unable to vote on Tuesday, November 8, but still want to cast your vote for Councilman Charlie Winburn, be sure to send in an absentee ballot application to the Hamilton County Board of Elections. Download an application now by clicking here, fill it out completely, then mail it to the board of elections and they will send you your ballot. (Instructions can be found on the application.) Make sure your vote counts and your voice is heard!

10-11-11 Charlie Winburn: Working for You! A new television commercial emphasizes the new ideas and fresh leadership Councilman Charlie Winburn brings to city hall. His 14-point economic plan has bold, practical plans to boost our city's economy and create new jobs and stability in our neighborhoods, homes and families. Watch the commercial here and on your local television station.

09-29-11 Councilman Winburn's proposes plan for Revitalizing Cincinnati's Economic Foundation. As the city council approaches the 2012 budget, Councilman Charlie Winburn has recommended 14 strategies to revitalized the Cincinnati economic foundation by right-sizing our local city government. Download and read Winburn's bold, 14-point revitalization and cost-saving plan.

09-26-11 Councilman Winburn works to save 2,000 jobs at Post Office. On September 26, Charlie Winburn held a public hearing to discuss his efforts to prevent the closing of the Dalton Avenue Post Office and save 2,000 jobs. The Cincinnati Enquirer stated: "Winburn hadn't been to bed for a week, he said, because so many people were bending his ear, pleading with him to do something." Councilman Winburn also updated attendees on his Small Business Development plans. Download his presentation on Saving Postal Jobs and Small Business Development. You can also read the Cincinnati Enquirer story about the public meeting.

09-19-11 The Winburn Jobs Plan. For nearly 2 years, Councilman Winburn has been working with members of the Job Creation Committee Roundtables to develop solutions and economic innovations that will attract and grow businesses, create jobs and expand the city's tax base in a challengeing economic climate. Winburn has proposed a plan forward that will boldly meet these challenges.

- Read about the Challenges and Opportunities the city faces in creating new jobs.
- Read Winburn's Special Jobs Report highlighting his idea to build the Jobs Creation Committee on "Agenda 360."
- Read Winburn's Pro Job Policy that will encourage job creation and reduce the tax burden on city residents.
- Also, refer to Winburn's jobs creation Agenda and a Summary (presented 08-01-11).

09-09-11 Councilman Winburn proposes plan for cutting spending and balancing the city's budget. Charlie Winburn proposes $27 million in long-term budget reductions and a plan to save core city services including police, fire and sanitation services. Download Councilman Winburn's 2011 Budget Reduction Plan. Also, download Councilman Winburn's previous 2009 Budget Reduction Plan.

08-16-11 Winburn answers chamber of commerce questionnaire. Charlie Winburn answered a candidate survey from the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, a 5,000-member business network that focuses on the business and economic health of the region. The survey considered such topics as balancing expenses and revenues, business growth, public transportation, taxes, competitive bidding and more. Download the questionnaire with Charlie's responses.

08-01-11 Councilman Winburn unveils his Jobs Creation Agenda for the city of Cincinnati. Councilman Charlie Winburn unveils his comprehensive, detailed plan to create jobs in Cincinnati and start an "entrepreneurial revolution." Download a PDF of the Winburn jobs creation Agenda and a Summary.

08-01-11 Councilman Winburn proposes new 5-year city government election plan. City Council Member Charlie Winburn is proposing a one four-year term or one five-year term for city council, saying, “If you really want city council to get things done for the citizens of Cincinnati and eliminate most of the politics for the next election cycle, then raise the city council term to one five-year term and then prohibit members from running again for another five years,” Winburn said. Download a Word document of the press release. Also, download a PDF of Winburn's proposal for the "5-Year Election Plan."

07-11-11 Councilman Winburn alerts city hospitals to get ready to receive 68,000 new patients if council closes all five city health clinics. Winburn proposes “Adopt a Health Clinic Initiative” with hospitals as an alternative to leaving residents without health care. Download a PDF of the press release. Also, download a PDF of Winburn's proposal for the "Adopt a Health Clinic Initiative."

07-11-11 Councilman Winburn to hold press conference on his plan to save the five city health clinics that serve more than 68,000 citizens. He will also be featured on The Lincoln Ware Show on 1230AM-WDBZ. Read the press release or download a PDF document of the press release.

06-29-11 Councilman Winburn to work on city budget while Mayor and Council take summer vacation
"I will not be taking a vacation this year. The City of Cincinnati is facing challenges that need to be addressed," Winburn said. "I don't believe we have the luxury of giving up two months of work that could be used to tackle these hard issues." Read the press release or download a PDF document of the press release.

06-13-11 Councilman Winburn proposes property tax relief for commercial and residential property owners
New tax structure would attract new and retain existing businesses, create new net jobs, and increase new home ownership in Cincinnati.
Read the press release or download a Word document of the press release.

"Charlie Winburn plan: Create one-stop center for SBEs"
Councilman Winburn unveils the Cincinnati Competitive Edge Initiative to create a one-stop shop for small businesses to get support they need to be more successful in winning contracts with the city, grow revenues and create jobs. Supporters believe it would boost participation by minority and women business owners. Read the Business Courier article or download the full article.
Also, download an overview of the Cincinnati City Council's "Job Creation Committee Five Economic Roundtables."

"Charlie Winburn's Big Idea"
The Cincinnati Business Courier reported on Councilman Winburn's plans to remake the city's SBE division and start a job-creation program. Read the Business Courier article.

Winburn called one of the top 100 influential people
Charlie Winburn was recognized in the February 2011 issue of Cincy Magazine as one of the top 100 influential people in the Cincinnati region. Download the list.

"Cincinnati Councilman Charlie Winburn proposes revitalizing Cincinnati's economic foundation plan"
WCPO reports on Councilman Winburn's 2012 city budget reduction plan that promotes business growth, creates jobs and balances the city's budget.
Read the WCPO article.

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