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2-1-14 MEDIA ADVISORY: Super "Soul" Celebration

Councilmember Winburn and Cincinnati School Board member Nelms will be in a mock football skit contest in RECOGNITION of Super Bowl 48 at Renew Coummunity Church on Sunday, February 2

Councilmember Charlie Winburn and School Board Member Chris Nelms will be in a mock football skit contest, and will challenge each other on Super Bowl 48 Sunday, February 2, 2014, at Renew Community Church at 11:00A.M.--12:05P.M. A professional NFL Football player from the New York Giants 2007 Super Bowl Championship Team will be in attendance to give autographs.

Councilmember Charlie Winburn will be wearing a jersey in a fun mock football skit contest for 65 minutes with School Board member Chris Nelms in a Super Bowl Celebration, Sunday, at Renew Community Church at 11:00A.M. to 12:05 P.M. service on February 2.

This big event is modeled after the dynamic Crossroads Community Church's Annual Super Bowl event. Councilmember Charlie Winburn will represent the Seattle Seahawks and his team is called the "Winburn Team." Cincinnati School Board member Chris Nelms will represent the Denver Broncos and his team will be called the "Nelms Team."

This is going to be one of the most exciting events in Cincinnati where two public officials will challenge each other at a Pre-Super "Soul" Bowl mock football skit contest celebration at 11:00A.M.–12:05P.M. at Renew Community Church at 2129 West North Bend Road in College Hill.

The Renew Community Church also presents its big official Super "Soul' Bowl Celebration and Party to kick-off at 5:00P.M. until 10:00P.M. that will include the following:

- Telecast of the 48th Super Bowl game on three (3) big screen TVs
- Plenty of food, refreshments and beverages
- Professional NFL football player from the New York Giants 2007 Super Bowl Team will be present for autographs
- Big door prizes such as four (4) Flat Screen TVs and two (2) Kindles
- Fun Adventure Center for children and youth

The public is welcome to attend the Super "Soul" Bowl Celebration and Party at Renew Community Church. For more information please contact Chuck Futel at (513) 374-9917 or go to -end-

10-29-13 Councilman Winburn's Newest TV Commercial Focuses on Cincinnati Jobs: The Winburn for Council Campaign has released a new commercial that discusses Charlie Winburn's commitment to seeing new jobs in Cincinnati. Watch it here.

10-29-13 Winburn to reach record high of 100,000 Cincinnati Voters in 7 days through his mobile application campaign: Cincinnati City Councilman Charlie Winburn's campaign has truly gone high tech. He is the only candidate running for City Council that owns his own mobile application system that can reach thousands of voters each day to share his powerful message on Jobs and Safe Neighborhoods. Winburn will also be releasing his 2nd major TV Ad sometime today that will be integrated with his live mobile application in reaching every citizen in Cincinnati who has a smart phone, tablet, or iPad.

10-25-13 Meet the Candidate: The Cincinnati Enquirer has published an article detailing Charlie Winburn's stance on the issues important to Cincinnati. Read it here.

10-23-13 New Jobs TV Commercial Released: The Winburn for Council Campaign has released a new commercial that discusses Charlie Winburn's commitment to seeing new jobs in Cincinnati. Watch it here.

10-17-13 New TV Commercial Released: The Winburn for Council Campaign has released a new commercial that details Charlie Winburn's life as a ten year old after the sudden death of his mother. Watch it here.

6-18-13 Winburn: "Let's help more people get what they want in life." The Cincinnati Enquirer recently ran an article about Charlie Winburn's efforts to help a young man. Read the press release here and the Enquirer article here.

6-13-13 New issue of THE WINBURN REPORT: In this issue of "The Winburn Report," Councilman Winburn states that the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County may be held in contempt of court on MSD Capital Projects. Read the full report here.

5-22-13 MEDIA ADVISORY: In light of the city's $35 million budget deficit, Councilman Winburn demands that city manager Milton Dohoney immediately freeze all credit card accounts issued to 145 City of Cincinnati employees. The employees have a cumulative credit limit or line of credit totaling $2.1 million to spend at taxpayer expense. Read the media advisory and Councilmember Winburn's presentation to the press.

3-4-13 MEDIA ADVISORY: Councilman Charlie Winburn unveiled his plan to move Cincinnati toward a 20-year structurally balanced budget. Download a copy of his proposal here.

2-8-13 MEDIA ADVISORY: Councilman Charlie Winburn and Attorney Tabitha Woodruff express major concerns about the City Council's plan to privatize Cincinnati's parking meters. The plan could lead to a repeat of Chicago's parking disaster. Read the media advisory here. Also, read the Cincinnati Enquirer opinion/editorial here, or download a copy here.

12-18-12 Winburn opposes 2013 budget. Cincinnait City Councilman Charlie Winburn lists 12 objections to the proposed city budget for 2013. Read the Cincinnati Enquirer opinion/editorial here.

11-29-12 Councilman Winburn offers $137 million jobs fund plan. Charlie Winburn proposes creating a $137 million Revolving Econominc and Neighborhood Development Job Fund. The strategic plan would create new net jobs and expand the city's tax base plus move toward a structurally balanced general fund city budget. Read the proposal here.

11-29-12 MEDIA ADVISORY: Councilman Winburn appoints O’dell M. Owens, M.D. to Economic Development Jobs Task Force. Owens is president of Cincinnati State Technical and Community College and will head up a 20-member, blue-ribbon jobs task force. Read the media advisory here.

8-30-12 MEDIA ADVISORY: Cincinnati City Councilman Charlie Winburn says if the city sues Duke Energy over the streetcar, city rate payers will pay higher rates. Winburn to ask Mayor and Council, after summer recess, to pull the plug on Streetcar. Read the media advisory here.

7-12-12 Councilman Winburn announces new jobs. Through the leadership of Councilman Charlie Winburn and other efforts, hundreds of new permanent and summer jobs have been created and are planned for Cincinnati. Read about it in the latest issue of the Winburn Job Report.

4-16-12 Councilman Winburn proposes moving University of Cincinnati’s College of Law to The Banks riverfront development. Cincinnati Councilman Charlie Winburn has worked since February to line up city incentives to lure the nation’s fourth-oldest law school to a site at the Banks development, at Vine and Second streets. Read the Cincinnati Enquirer article here and an update to the article here. UPDATE: Download a PDF of Councilman Winburn's proposal.

12-12-11 Winburn Votes Against Wasting $4.4 Million on Events Courtyard. City Council voted 5-4 to waste $4.4 million of taxpayer dollars on a City Hall Courtyard Atrium while the city faces a $16 million budget dificit for 2013. Councilman Charlie Winburn voted against the Courtyard Atrium, saying that a nearby building could be renovated instead for a tiny fraction of the cost. Read the press release here.

12-7-11 "No Water Rate Hike, No Events Courtyard." The Cincinnati Enquirer reports on Councilman Charlie Winburn's comments on 2012 Cincinnati Budget items and his efforts to spend public money wisely and protect citizens from fee increases. Read the Cincinnati Enquirer article here.

12-1-11 Charlie Winburn Outlines Bold Agenda for Cincinnati. In his swearing-in speech today, newly re-elected Councilman Charlie Winburn outlined his eight "Buy Cincinnati" initiatives to put Cincinnati to work and back to work. Read his bold agenda here or download a PDF here.

11-20-11 "The Long, Hard Path to Being Charlie Winburn." Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Krista Ramsey wrote a personal profile story on Charlie's tragic childhood and difficult upbringing. As Charlie describes it, his childhood was "a whirlwind of chaos and conflict." But, as the article shows, this hard path is what made Charlie the man and the public servant he is today. Read the compelling Cincinnati Enquirer article here.

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