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For Immediate Release: June 13, 2011
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Winburn to work on city budget while Mayor and Council take summer vacation

Cincinnati, Ohio - On the last day of council session before the traditional two-month summer recess, Cincinnati City Councilmember Charlie Winburn is saying he’s going to stay on the job while his colleagues are away. “I will not be taking a vacation this year. The City of Cincinnati is facing challenges that need to be addressed,” Winburn said. “I don’t believe we have the luxury of giving up two months of work that could be used to tackle these hard issues.”

Winburn said he will be at City Hall this summer to work on three major initiatives:

  1. City budget - Cincinnati is facing a projected $33.6 million deficit. Councilman Winburn intends to look for ways to close this gap, first by working with the Auditor of State office to conduct performance audits on the city’s police, fire, and health departments.

  2. City crime - With rising homicides in Cincinnati matched with the growing concern of citizens about crime in their neighborhoods, Councilman Winburn will be reviewing best practices in cities and looking at new initiatives across the country to reduce gun violence. Safety and security must be a top priority for the City of Cincinnati.

  3. City job creation - In August, Councilman Winburn, as Chair of the Job Creation Committee, plans to hold a public hearing on a job creation plan to stimulate the economy by promoting small business development, attracting new businesses to the city, creating jobs, and putting Cincinnati to work and back to work. Winburn is preparing to unveil his new initiative that was recently profiled in the Cincinnati Business Courier on June 17, 2011 entitled “Winburn plan: Create one-stop center for SBEs.”

“I realize this recess is something that Council does every year,” Winburn said. “But it just doesn’t seem like good stewardship to be taking off for two months at a time when we should actually be giving a greater effort to trying to revitalize our city’s economic foundation and security.”



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